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Class Trips

We know that children learn best when they do, as well as see and hear. We enrich our curriculum with a variety of trips as well as by inviting visitors into the school. A high emphasis is placed on learning basic skills and these are applied in a variety of creative topics and contexts.


We regularly take the children on visits to places of interest such as The Tower of London, the Imperial War Museum, Odds Farm, Verulameum and The Ragged School Museum. We also invite visitors into the school, for example to run workshops, perform plays or tell children about work they do eg Fairtrade. They provide memorable, practical experiences that would not otherwise be possible or as effective.


We aim to offer one trip per term although in some classes this may be less. As often as possible the junior children travel by public transport and the infant children travel by coach. There is naturally a charge for the trips in order for them to take place and we ask for a parental voluntary contribution towards this. However if not every parent contributes, the trip may have to be cancelled.