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West Twyford Primary School Achieving Together

Healthy Lifestyles

  • A healthy diet, exercise and regular bedtimes and relaxation times will all enhance your child’s well-being.
  • We provide top quality school lunches which meet all the government's healthy food guidelines.
  • If you prefer to provide a healthy packed lunch, please ensure that you provide a well balanced meal with no sweets or fizzy drinks. Please include fruit and fresh vegetables / salad as well as a sandwich / wrap or savoury item.
  • Everyone benefits from getting half an hour's exercise every day. Walking to and from school can be a great start and end to the day when you not only exercise but have a chance to chat together and socialise with other families. It makes life a lot easier for our neighbours too, as there is very limited local parking.
  • There are excellent local swimming pools and parks in the area which are well worth a visit after school and at weekends.


Walking to school is a fun, free way to build in exercise into everyday.  See our leaflet to help you plan your route.