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In Science we follow the National Curriculum objectives in an exciting and interactive way that encourages children to be curious and observant about the world around them.



One of the areas of learning in Reception is ‘Understanding the world’. Science topics in reception include: minibeasts, under the sea and floating and sinking. There is also a discovery zone for children to explore electricity, magnets and minibeasts.


Year 1

Year 1 learn about different body parts of animals including humans. They observe and learn the different parts of a plant. Children in Year 1 also learn how to identify and group different materials.


Year 2

In Year 2, children learn how animals have adapted to different environments, about different habitats, properties of materials, what a plant needs to grow and how to be healthy. There is also a chance to visit the Science museum on a class trip.


Year 3

In Year 3, children learn about light, forces and different types of rock. They learn the scientific names of each part of a plant and investigate how roots work.


Year 4

In Year 4 the children learn about sound, electricity, states of matter. They learn about how to group and classify different living things and how environments differ.


Year 5

In Year 5, children learn about forces such as air resistance, water resistance, gravity and friction. Children learn about the life cycles of different animals including humans. They also study the difference between a solid, liquid and gas.


Year 6

In Year 6, children learn about the human body systems, such as the circulatory and digestive system, how light travels and evolution and independence.

Children can find out more about science topics on our 'Links to other sites' page, including educational games.