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Looking after our mental and emotional wellbeing is just as important as looking after our physical health. In fact, they are often connected to each other!


Your mind is like any other part of your body - you need to look after it and keep it healthy. 


There are some simple things you can do to help keep your mind healthy.



During this particular time, you may find yourself feeling more worried or anxious than usual. There have been lots of changes which we have all had to get used to, but that can be really difficult at times.


Below are links to useful websites with plenty of ideas to help you feel relaxed, calm and more able to cope with changes and different emotions.



This website explains some simple exercises to practice mindfulness in different ways. Being mindful means slowing down and paying attention to what you are doing.





This website has lots of activities to help you feel better when you are feeling anxious, scared or sad. They include breathing and yoga exercises, art activities and interactive games.






This website provides lots of ways for you and your family to be active and stay mindful.





You could also follow a guided meditation video like this one. Meditation allows you focus on your breathing and your thoughts in the present moment, so that you become more in tune with your body and mind.

Sophia SPACE wellbeing video

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To view more of Sophia's wellbeing videos, please click the link below