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Attendance and Punctuality

We know that when children come to school every day they are more likely to get higher grades. And the opposite is also true – children who do not come to school regularly are likely to have lower grades.
A message to the children by the school council.

Speedy Ways to Punctuality:
Did you know that West Twyford is one of the best schools in Ealing for attendance?
But did you also know that some of our pupils are not getting to school on time in the mornings?

This means that our punctuality is slipping and the amount of time we have to learn is getting smaller and smaller!!

Children who come at 8:45 get to chat and play with their friends!!

We need more children to get up earlier. The earlier you get up the more you learn!! Here are some ideas:

  • Get your bags ready the night before school
  • Do everything 10 minutes before school
  • Set your alarm clock
  • Tell your parents to wake you up earlier
  • Check that you've done your homework
  • Make sure that your clothes and shoes are ready the night before school
  • Try to walk to school so that you will not get stuck in traffic!

For more information, please see our attendance presentation by clicking on the icon below.