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Music for Youth feedback







Festival / Event name:  Recorded Entries 2020

Date:  23rd April

Music Mentor:  Ali Walker


Group name: West Twyford Primary School

Repertoire:  The River’s Journey



You took us on a fascinating, engaging and mesmerising journey with this creative performance. I really appreciated the concept of entering the performance space already singing – setting the musical atmosphere right from the very start.
What a wonderful array of onomatopoeic words you wove into the mix – developing the vocal material into a very effective four-part ostinato – well done to all of you for your singing discipline here! It was a clever idea to have the single hand chime notes to secure the pitch. 

Vocally the words were very clear throughout – you had to work hard to enunciate these, (especially  as there were quite a few tongue-twisters amongst them!) but I could hear every word!

And a dab to finish with – very classy!


Suggestions for development:

Really enjoyable to watch and to listen to. You are producing very complex material for such a young choir, and I love the fact that you are creating your pieces collaboratively.

Continue to work on rhythmic precision, particularly in the ostinato sections when you are divided into different parts. You could try to use the words in a more percussive way to help create a vocal rhythm too.

Lovely to hear the addition of some tuned percussion. Perhaps you might like to explore building in a little more musical accompaniment into your next piece, as you are all very able musicians!

Well done to you all.


These are excellent comments! Well done to everyone in Year 5 Aspen and the KS2 choir who have worked so hard to produce such lovely music. 


Miss Parker

Yr 3 JSax Spark! Lessons


Dear Parents,


The URL that you will need in order to access your child's JSax lesson has been changed. The new URL is:


To play the videos and access the resources you need to click the relevant Video/Track/PDF link.


Lesson videos are grouped by week and the current week’s resources appear at the top of the page for easy access. The lesson videos will be available for two weeks and the accompanying materials until the end of term.


For more information on using the system is included in a ‘Welcome to EMS Online’ note, the first item in the ‘Resources’ list.


After you have watched Mr McKay's JSax lesson you can also login to the Yumu website, click on Rec Step 6 and choose the Good, Better, Best tune.


Thank you and I hope you enjoy making music at home!


Miss Parker

YUMU and Online Music Lessons


Dear Parents


I am pleased to inform you that home music lessons are now available for all of our pupils from Reception to Year 6 on the Yumu website,

The lessons are a series of fun activities that your child can select from with clear instructions to follow. Parents of children in Reception / KS1 will need to help their child to log on.

Each pupil has their own user name and password and these can be accessed from school by emailing Please include in your email your child's first and last name as they appear on the school register and their class.


Please note that these lessons do not include the Year 3 JSax Spark! lessons  which are being provided by Ealing Music Service separately. Year 3 parents and parents who’s children are currently receiving small group keyboard lessons have already received details about EMS online provision.


I do hope you will all enjoy your home music making!


Thank you