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West Twyford Primary School Achieving Together


West Twyford Primary School Leadership Team


Head Teacher

Mr Shapland

Deputy Head Teacher

Ms Collum

Assistant Head Teacher

Miss Ahmed

School Business Manager 

Miss Spring

Key Stage 2 Leaders

Mr McHale

Mrs Jefferson

Key Stage 1 Leader

Miss Hutchinson

Early Years Leaders

Miss Hunt (Reception)

Miss Caldecott (Nursery)

Teaching and Support Staff


Class Teacher

Support Staff

Year 6 Poplar

Mrs Jefferson

Miss Szczepaniak

Miss Ahmed

Year 6 Cedar

Mr Flynn

Year 5 Aspen

Miss Matharu

Mrs Croyden

Mrs Shah

Ms Thompson

Year 5 Silver Birch

Mr Hooper

Year 4 Elder

Mr Clowes

Mrs Fares

Mrs Reid

Year 4 Pine

Mr McHale

Year 3 Elm

Mrs Darlington

Mrs Toussaint

Year 3 Maple

Miss Ravic

Mr Kelly

Year 2 Lime

Miss Hutchinson

Miss Mistry (HLTA)

Mrs Gangwani

Year 2 Sycamore

Miss Abdulhadi

Year 1 Ash

Miss Bailey

Miss Palmer

Year 1 Willow

Miss Jacob

Miss Saied


Horse Chestnut

Miss Hunt

Mrs Masih

Mrs Kumar (HLTA)

(nee Gobi)



Mrs Patel

Mrs Dawkins

AM Nursery

Miss Caldecott

Mrs Butcher

Mrs Davenport

PM Nursery

Miss Caldecott

Mrs McGurk

PPA Cover and Support Teachers

Miss Muir

Miss Parker

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Hassan

Mrs Dwyer

Mrs Kostic

Mrs Johnson

PE Coach

Mr Graham



Site Manager

Antony Gordon

Administration Staff

Emma Norris

Joanne Livingstone

Esther Joseph

Lunchtime Staff

Claudette Vincent, Supervisor

Dara Kostic

Souher Aldoughli

Safi Mohamed

Nadia Mustafa

Poonam Kumar

Pawan Carahaa

Laura Gribuska

Maya Kanj

Rana El-Sayadi

Fit for Sport Team led by Lewis Grimble



Children’s Centre

Armine Shahnazarian

Fay Saidy